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    New trends in urban outdoor lighting design
    Release time:2019-06-16  Clicks:197 Times

    The outdoor lighting design not only improves the functional and environmental quality of the building, but also enhances the visual effect, and creates a harmonious and natural environment. It affects people's moods from the subtle influences and interprets people's feelings. Some experts pointed out that through the good LED landscape lighting design to create a natural and harmonious urban night environment. Light creates a bright and comfortable environment for human beings, stimulates people's vision, helps us to perceive and experience the surrounding environment, and obtain 80%% of the outside world.

    Urban outdoor lighting injects vitality into the city, ensuring the smooth flow of vehicles at night, while pedestrian safety increases the time and space of people's nightlife, enriching the outdoor cultural entertainment and leisure activities of urban residents. Since the direction and angle of the night light are completely different from the daytime, the image of the city's architectural form in daylight is also different in the form of nighttime illumination. A good outdoor lighting design is to create an elegant and natural space atmosphere based on the basic lighting needs of the night, to bring aesthetic pleasure.

    Classification of urban outdoor lighting

    Urban outdoor lighting design mainly relies on lighting to create a rich landscape effect, thus recreating the original environment. The demand for urban outdoor lighting is divided into three levels: basic function, sensory information and spiritual and cultural aesthetic requirements. Correspondingly, urban outdoor lighting is divided into three types: safety lighting, functional lighting and landscape lighting, among which safety lighting and functions Lighting is a basic functional lighting, while landscape lighting takes into account both sensory information and spiritual and cultural aesthetic needs. It is the creation of visual beauty and brings spiritual pleasure.

    Safety lighting is a lighting system that protects people from accidental injuries in an outdoor environment. It allows people to know where they are and what they are. Just the right amount of safety lighting can greatly increase the "firepower" of the outdoor space, making the outdoor space an extension of the building. Safety lighting is not specific to specific spaces and activities. It is a basic and universal ambient lighting that includes lighting for roadways, pedestrian streets, parking lots, bridges, stations, terminals, airports, etc. to ensure the safety of urban “arteries”. Unblocked.

    Functional lighting is the basic illuminance requirement required to meet people's activities in an outdoor space. It is separate from other lighting systems and is only turned on when a specific activity is required. It includes lighting for assembly plazas, leisure parks, and outdoor cultural sports and entertainment facilities. It embodies the city's humanistic care and makes the city vibrant.

    Landscape lighting is the most important lighting method in the creation of outdoor nighttime light environment. A variety of lighting methods are often combined to achieve the desired design. It mainly includes historical relics, emerging buildings, urban signs, commercial centers, and landscape garden lighting to highlight the city's culture and scenery. Landscape lighting not only provides people with a good visual experience, but also suppresses the generation of glare. It must also reflect a certain spatial environment style, increase the aesthetics of the environmental space, meet the physiological and psychological needs of people, and make full use of the lighting art and its light. The coordination of color creates a harmonious atmosphere and mood of the environment, which enables people to enjoy the beauty and psychological pleasure and satisfaction.

    Urban outdoor lighting problem

    With the lighting elements of buildings, bridges, towers, plazas, neighborhoods, parks, landscapes, environmental essays, trees, functional signs, commercial signs and public welfare signs. Outdoor lighting means also coexist from the high energy of single incandescent lamps, neon lights, floodlights, reflective signs, internal light boxes and high-tech means such as laser, optical fiber and light-emitting diodes. In the way of lighting, it has experienced the status quo (contour), surface (billboard), body shape, (outer building outline), mass, (surface + internal penetration), and the combination of dynamic and static, developed into various means. Comprehensive use. However, it is undeniable that urban lighting design still has the problem of blindly imitating plagiarism and copying the lamp in quite a few links. The end result is a single lighting method. Regardless of the connotation and characteristics of the building and the human environment, almost all of them are floodlights or contour lights; the night lights are colorful, the levels are unclear, and the pursuit of excitement, fancy, and a lot of techniques such as jumping, flashing, scanning, etc. The primary and secondary features have caused the overall night landscape to be messy.

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