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    What can a street lamp bring in the era of intellectual control?
    Release time:2019-06-16  Clicks:235 Times

    Night street lights illuminate not only the dark streets, but also the way home. Looking out from the street, the flashing street lights radiate warm light and guide the direction of our home. The street lights in the city are like “guardian messengers”, which brings great security to the returning tourists.

    Nowadays, the era of intelligent control of street lamps has come, and its arrival has improved the mechanized operation of traditional street lamps. While we are rejoicing, we can't help but ask questions. The early era of intelligent control of street lamps, in addition to improving the operation of street lamps, can bring about it?

    Provide security for urban traffic

    The smart street lights in the urban public lighting system are equipped with detection equipment on each street lamp. In this way, not only can the brightness of the light be automatically adjusted according to the traffic flow, but also the vehicle can be detected by the vehicle. At the same time, the operation of remotely turning on, off, and adjusting the brightness of each street lamp can be performed on the centralized control platform. It can also realize functions such as self-test failure and automatic error reporting.

    The realization of these functions not only facilitates the management of the street lighting network of the whole city by the street lamp management department, but also guarantees the driving safety of the road vehicles to a considerable extent. In the future, the street lighting intelligent lighting system may also replace the navigation system, guiding the car through the street lights along the way.

    Smart city construction represents the future development direction, and also represents a new urban development concept and innovation-driven model, which is related to the city's global, long-term and all-round development. At present, the development of smart cities everywhere is in full swing.

    As one of the most basic public facilities in the construction of smart cities, smart street lamps are the most valuable part of urban real estate. In the promotion of smart cities, as the first “smart” of wisdom in the city, the smart street lamp has undoubtedly produced positive investment and innovation influence on the development of the whole city.

    Bring new development ideas for urban construction

    The development trend of LED intelligent lighting is unstoppable. The development of mobile Internet and Internet of Things technology provides a new way of integration for the development of smart lighting. At the same time, the construction of smart city has brought unlimited imagination to the LED lighting industry.

    In the "smart city" boom, smart street lights seem to be a breakthrough in smart cities. Wireless Wi-Fi, charging piles, data monitoring, environmental monitoring, and light pole screens can all be realized by relying on LED street lights and intelligent control platforms. As an important carrier of smart cities, street lamps are no longer simple lighting tools, but play a larger "complex" role.

    At present, from a holistic perspective, with the rapid development of smart city construction and Internet of Things technologies, multi-functional LED smart street lights have brought new development ideas for urban construction.

    Big data support for city management

    Adjustable automatic lighting and remote control are just the most superficial features of smart street lights. Technically, the information in the monitoring range of the street lamp can be collected through the detection and sensing terminals installed on each street lamp, and the smart street lamp will provide first-hand big data for city management.

    These seemingly useless information is the core of big data in urban management. Big data technology is not an inevitable causal relationship, but a variety of possible related relationships. Through the analysis and integration of massive data, we can get some unrelated correlations in the process of urban operation, and provide scientific and accurate data analysis for decision makers to better serve urban management.

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