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    LED landscape lighting industry's late development is very impressive
    Release time:2019-06-16  Clicks:282 Times

    LED landscape lighting products are widely used in the landscape lighting market with its excellent color expression, strong control ability of dimming and discoloration, small size and easy hiding, longevity, energy saving and stability. It has quickly driven the lighting market quickly. Growth and help landscape lighting become the largest branch of the LED lighting application market segment. One of the major disadvantages of traditional landscape lighting is that it cannot express the building itself very well and cannot present high-quality, artistic landscape lighting.

    The future development trends of LED landscape lighting mainly include:

    1. The color of the LED light source is pure and rich, and it can evolve any color, which is better than the color metal halide lamp, and its decoration is unparalleled. The compactness of the LED light source makes it flexible enough to form a variety of points, lines, faces, balls and the like. According to the purpose of landscape lighting decoration, LED light source through microcomputer intelligent control technology, its changes can be made into points, lines, faces, balls and other forms, including: flicker control, suitable for forming points, lines; gradient control, Suitable for forming surface; dynamic control, suitable for forming longitudinal and lateral dynamic changes of the pattern. The above three changes can also form the rotary motion of the sphere, in addition to single-lamp control and group light control.

    2, LED lighting has a huge energy-saving effect, the power of a single LED is only 0.03-0.06W, and the driving voltage is low (1.5-3.5V), the current is small (15-18mA), in the case of the formation of the same lighting effect, the consumption The electricity is only one-eighth of the incandescent light and one-half of the fluorescent light. It can be seen that the LED light source is used instead of the ordinary lamp and the fluorescent lamp for the landscape lighting with huge power consumption, and the energy saving effect is very obvious, and has strong market competitiveness. Moreover, the life of the LED light source is 100 times that of the incandescent lamp and 20-30 times that of the fluorescent lamp, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance, plus its rich color and good controllability, which is better for urban landscape lighting. . Now, LED is replacing the traditional light source with a growth rate of 50%, which will lead to the fourth revolution in the history of human lighting, greatly improving the living environment of mankind and alleviating the increasingly severe energy crisis in the world.

    3, LED light source structure lightweight (epoxy resin package), small size, can adapt to a variety of geometric sizes and different space sizes, is a solid light source, does not inflate, there is no gas sealing problem, no glass casing, impact resistance It is resistant to vibration and is not easily broken, which determines that its luminaire strength and rigidity are lower than those of other electric light sources. Moreover, the LED is a cold light source, has good controllability, fast response time, can be repeatedly turned on and off repeatedly, and is not tired.

    LED landscape lighting has made significant contributions to promoting energy conservation, environmental protection and environmental protection. With the government's vigorous promotion and global industrial ladder transfer, the future landscape lighting will be the generation of LED dance.

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