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    Message from the Chairman

    Dear friends:


    We warmly welcome you to browse MingLong Lighting website to find out Long and give guidance and support, you are here to express our heartfelt thanks, and more hope MingLong Lighting can be your friend, mutual support and common development.


    Many people in the lighting business called "angel of light", the light gave every city, so that people feel the warmth of the light, which is the mission of the MingLong Lighting, MingLong Lighting all my colleagues to engage in "bright angel "pride and pride, but also to push us, keep making progress.


    Development of an enterprise, a successful career, is inseparable from the community's concern and support, especially the support of users, MingLong Lighting provides engineering lighting round, the whole process of integrated operational services to integrate engineering lighting preferred carriers goals and work hard.

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